SEO Company Digital marketing services in Kochi, Kerala

Brahmanet is a full-service Digital marketing company in Kochi, Kerala offering SEO services, Digital marketing services in Kochi, Kerala. Brahmanet strives to create meaningful experiences for both our customers and their customers. We give our clients global visibility by implementing bespoke and strategic techniques on digital marketing. Brahmanet the leading digital marketing company in Kochi, Kerala, offers a complete array of digital marketing services in Kochi, Kerala that benefit of our partner brands. Our digital marketing services in Kochi, Kerala include Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM) & Link Building, Social Media Optimization (SMO), Social Media Marketing (SMM) and Content Marketing. Our experience over the years has made us wise enough to judge the effectiveness of each technique based on the requirement and implement appropriate solutions.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

At Brahmanet, we realize that the goal of a business is not just to have a great-looking website, but to have a website that actually generates leads at an ever-increasing rate. Over the years, we’ve chiseled out effective and agile Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies to increase the Search Engine visibility of websites through organic practices. Our strategies have been tried and tested across various popular search engines and have consistently delivered high quality, targeted traffic to our client websites. We deal with all technical aspects of SEO like increasing visibility, site backlinking, conducting regular website audits, optimizing content, keyword research, increasing page load speed, mobile optimization, link building, etc. We offer on-page SEO services, off-page SEO services, technical SEO services, language-specific SEO services and also location-specific SEO services.


Search Engine Marketing

These days, search engine algorithms are powerful enough to track individual user activities and recommend products and services that they are likely to find useful. This is known as personalized advertisements. We leverage this feature through Google Adwords, which is the most extensive platform for running Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns. PPC campaigns are an internet advertising model used to drive traffic to websites, in which advertisers pay the publisher when a user clicks on the ad. When it comes to advertising online, one of the most effective ways of delivering direct traffic to your site is through successful paid search campaigns on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). The strength of SEM lies in choosing the right keywords based on a lot of aspects like location, industry, season, etc. Our experts know exactly how to deliver results through strategically designed Paid Search Campaigns. Our Digital Marketing team make use of tools like Google Analytics to analyze user statistics and other data to come up with holistic advertisement strategies that are sure shot to drive traffic to your website.

Social Media Marketing

Successful Brands use social media to connect with consumers, to search, to track and to analyze conversations about themselves and also to identify topics of interest to their consumers. They utilize these insights for PR, Branding & campaign tracking to measure return-on-investment (ROI), competitor tracking and for engaging with consumers. They also utilize these insights for making major decisions about the company’s path forward. Take advantage of our expertise in social media marketing and build your presence on multiple social platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin and many more. Our approach to social media marketing is to initiate conversations about your brand among your prospective customers and to create quality engagement. We focus on inbound marketing and strategically create engaging posts to reroute traffic from social media platforms to your website. This goes hand in hand with our content marketing strategies where the focus will be on generating high quality, targeted and engaging content. Our Social Media Marketing Team starts by researching your competition & industry, the core demographics of your customers, your customers’ needs, etc. The information collected coupled with your Brand Positioning helps us define your social media marketing strategy. We offer Social Media Audits, Social Media Optimization, Social Media Activation, Competitive Analysis, Social Media Management, Community Management and Social Media Advertising.

Content Marketing

Leverage our Content Marketing Services to attract and retain your customers by consistently creating and curating relevant content with the objective to influence consumer behavior. Content Marketing is an ongoing process and it works best when integrated with your overall marketing strategy. As it works on owned media, whatever inbound customers you gain, the retention rate and lead generation rate will always be higher than the customers earned through paid advertisements. Our Content Marketing strategists will work closely with your marketing team and build the content stream based on your Brand Identity and Positioning. Our first step is to research your target audience and study the buyer’s persona which will allow us to create quality content that appeals to them. We create blogs, video content, graphical content, etc for facilitating inbound marketing. We create content in a way that allows brands to tell their story and build a better brand image. Our content marketing services include strategy, content creation, editing and publishing. The content team implements a content calendar and systematically creates and publishes posts. The social media team takes control after that and works to direct traffic from social media websites to your website. We operate in perfect synergy to create engaging content and also to generate leads.

Newsletter Marketing

There isn’t a more powerful digital marketing tactic than email marketing to generate and convert leads among the target audience. At Brahmanet, our digital marketing team will provide goal-driven email marketing services and set up email campaigns that fits your business objectives perfectly. We will personalize the design and content of each email newsletter with informative, promotional contents to appeal the ideal target market. The design will be then converted into HTML format to ensure better readability and user interaction across multiple devices.

Google Business Management

Having an optimized and well rated Business Listing on Google is key to reaching the right customer at the right time. We create, verify, and manage Google Business Listings including collection and maintenance of user reviews and ratings. We actively monitor changes to the online ecosystem and continually update the listings accordingly to boost your visibility, improve the SEO score, and deliver the best possible user experience.

Forums, Q&A Promotions

Forums and Q&A sites are platforms for web users to post their queries online to get proper answers from the experts. The Forums and Q&A submissions plays a vital role for the neutral linking. Our Digital Marketing team will leverage the power of Forums and Q&A platforms for generating quality backlinks and making your business brand more authoritative and genuine on online platforms.


Blogging helps websites build authority, connect with new audiences online, generate leads and even act as a source of reference on many topics related to our services that users may search for. After extensive research on topics, our Digital Marketing team will create blog articles with optimized contents to publish in website blogs.

PPC Campaigns

In order to boost up our promotion activities we do relay on paid campaigns which are beneficial for creating a quick hike in traffic and conversion rates. Our paid ad campaigns will be focused on attracting quality leads to the website and making sure your target audience finds your brand every time they search for a topic related to your service category. The digital marketing team works as a collaborative unit to decide on effective strategies to implement paid ad campaigns for promotion.

YouTube Promotion

YouTube is the best video sharing platform that gives businesses an opportunity to show their product videos and gain business leads. For successful digital promotion, YouTube marketing is the best advertising method, gaining rapid popularity and reaches among the online audience. Our team will provide YouTube video marketing services like YouTube channel management customized YouTube channel design, SEO for YouTube video optimization, hashtag management, YouTube reputation management and community management service to build up an official brand channel and helps to manage them professionally.

Social Bookmarking’s

The social bookmarks tell search engine algorithms that the website content is valuable and helps to increase the website authority and credibility. It also helps in improving the rankings of targeted keywords. Our Digital Marketing team will bookmark your website links on leading social bookmarking platforms that can lead thousands of potential new customers to the website.

Business Directories

Gaining backlinks is an essential component to SEO strategy. Google and other major search engines consider backlinks as a major ranking factor and pages with a greater number of natural, quality backlinks tend to have high organic search engine rankings. Business Directory Submission helps to attracts website traffic and getting high quality backlinks. The more quality links pointing to the website, the more likely the page will rank well. Our team will identify and keep submitting the website links on various business directories that best suit to the service category.


Proven Delivery Method
The entire process of development for multiple platforms is made simple and streamlined through our proven methodologies for app development.
Exceptional Technical Skill and Experience
We rely on years of extensive experience to craft powerful mobile applications optimized for performance and UX.
Competitive Rates
Our access to inexpensive advanced development infrastructure translates to much lower costs for our clients.
Faster Time to Market
With our hybrid methodology, we assure a faster time to market and thus a better ROI.