Dr.Jolly Thomson's Life Care Centre is a Modern Medical Centre dedicated to minimizing Surgery and the need for Medication. They specialize in Cell Activation Treatment (CAP), an approach that focuses on optimizing the cells in the body. They offer treatments for infertility, lifestyle diseases and diabetes. They feel that the more informed the patients are on the health problem, the more likely they are to make better decisions on treatments. They approached us with a project for a website that aims to educate the public.


We sculpted a responsive, mobile-friendly and SEO optimized WordPress Website for the Hospital Clinic in Kochi. With the vision to educate the public the website incorporates various types of content like blogs, videos and images. It also features testimonials from past patients. Also integrated is the option for users to book a doctor’s appointment online. The website catalogs all the treatments offered and displays the approach followed in great detail. It has everything a patient needs to make informed decisions. The videos posted by the doctors are also indexed to provide more information on their methods. We also perform complete SEO operations and Social Media Marketing.


After the launch of the website, the reach about the brand increased considerably along with factors like trust and awareness. Potential patients also found it greatly helpful in making decisions regarding their treatments. The improved social media presence also allowed them to serve their customers better and to build a community centered around the innovative treatment methodology.

Client Life Care Centre
Location Kerala, India
Services Website Development, SEO & Digital Marketing
Technologies WordPress, Bootstrap, PHP, WooCommerce
Industry Healthcare
Category Catalogue Website