October 25, 2021

Kick-Start Your Programming Career Despite Backlogs

Kick-Start Your Programming Career Despite Backlogs

Your career in programming need not delay in the name of a few back papers

Back papers are not uncommon in the life of a graduate student. But for talented freshers they are often the biggest sources of worry. As academics play an important part in the recruitment criteria, most recruiters shy away from hiring students with backlogs. Hence despite being talented, back papers prevent them from gaining full time employment and a few years are wasted in the name of clearing them. By the time these students catch up with their peers, they would’ve already lost precious years that could have been made productive.

This need not always be the situation. Freshers with backlogs can utilise their time wisely to aid their career lives. Here are a few things freshers with backlogs can focus on.

Skill Building

Engineering or any course for that matter, is not just about books and passing exams. Often the best engineers are ones who attained their degree a year or two after their peers. And still they manage to emerge on top. The reason being, that they utilised their time wisely and focused on building skills. These could be communication skills, programming, learning a new language etc.

Additional Courses

A part time course in a field of interest is always a good choice to make for freshers. Small or big it can add to the student’s experience and they get to learn something new. If this course is chosen with thought, it can add value to the engineering degree once attained.

Obtaining Training

This is the most useful and rewarding way by which freshers can put their time to use. Before each exam there is a time frame of 4 to 6 months in the hands of the student. In this time, they can join firms that are willing to take in freshers with back papers, for training. It provides hands on experience and a venue to learn beyond the books. And by the time the backlogs are cleared; they would have gained experience in their choice of an industry.

Training with BRAHMANET

Brahmanet is an organization, home to talented individuals striving for excellence in the field of software development. Here, we provide a unique opportunity for talented freshers to build skills and gain experience in the world of programming. At Brahmanet, we look for the right minds that are driven, enthusiastic and passionate about programming. We give an opportunity for freshers with back papers to train with us, provided they are quick learners and motivated.

The culture of learning we follow at Brahmanet is ‘learn on the go’. We do not believe in class room lectures or test projects that provide little to no impact in actual learning. Training at Brahmanet will give you the exposure to what a full-time employee in the field would experience. Here you are inducted into a team handling a live project from day one. To guide and mentor you will be professionals with over 12 years of expertise in the field. You get to work for our domestic and overseas clients and gain experience in the latest technologies. Hence by the time you finish your backlogs, you would have gained valuable experience in programming.

At Brahmanet, we focus on building talent and growing together. Our agile work culture and consistency in delivering the best for our clients, make it an ideal place to kick start your career. The Brahmanet experience will surely aid your career growth. At the end of the training period we provide you with experience certificates that are recognized in the industry.

Never compromise on building your career. Even a small but definite start in the right direction at the right time can make a huge impact on having a successful career life. Utilise the time in your hands in the best way possible. And most importantly, stay motivated, maintain goals and ace them.